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How To Win A Football bet?

How can you consistently win football bets?

One of the main attractions of wagering on football is the sheer thrill of it all. The uncertainty and the anticipation of hoping your bet will cause a profit can be nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. All of this is because of the fickle nature of the game.

No one can predict the outcome of a match with 100% accuracy. While this adds to the exhilaration, it also makes winning bets much harder. Fortunately, there are ways to increase your chances of winning.

How do you win a football bet?

There are a few ways you can win bets, whether you’re a novice or experienced. If you want to win your next football bet, follow these tips.

1. Look for value

As a punter, you must always look for value every time you bet. We will go so far to say that you should only bet if you find value. If you successfully manage to do this, you’re pretty much guaranteed a profit. When you find that the odds don’t really reflect reality, and instead reflect an outcome that is less likely to happen, you have found value. Higher odds, which imply lower probabilities, result in high payouts.  

2. Bet on the home team

The home advantage is a genuine phenomenon. Home teams are much more likely to win a match if the groups are equal in skill for a number of reasons. Take Major League Soccer, for example. 53% of all wins were home matches, whereas only 23% of the time, the away team won on average. During the 2016/17 season of the Premier League, there were 193 home wins as opposed to 92 away wins. But why?

Usually, home teams are better rested than the away team due to a lack of travel. Plus, they have home support. Not just from the audience, but from referees too. An analysis of 128 soccer games showed that referees showed a preference for the home team.  On average, the away team received more yellow cards, red cards, and penalties. So the next time you find yourself having a tough time deciding between two teams, you know what to do.  

3. Consult tipsters

A tipster has the potential to make you very, very rich. Their only job is to point you in the right direction and tell you what to bet on. A good tipster is an expert at giving valid tips, and they pretty much do all the hard work for you. They provide their own odds on football matches, and they have less reason to lead you astray when compared to a bookmaker, who profits from your losses.  You can find tipsters anywhere, some of them even offer their services for free, on twitter especially. But we would recommend using paid tipping services, as they are reliable and worth the investment in the long run.

4. Use strategies

There are several strategies that you can employ that will lower the amount of risk involved and ensure a win. Arbitrage betting, for example, consists in making multiple bets with more than one bookmaker on all possible options in such a way that any losses you may incur are balanced out by the profits you make. This way, you will either always make a profit, or at least lower the amount of money you lose by.

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