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There is no shortage of soccer betting advice on the internet. With so many blogs, tipster websites, and social media accounts all promising to have the best soccer tips in the market, and it’s essential to have services that verify these claims.

After all, the soccer betting industry is full of websites that only exist to take your money and not deliver any value in return.

That is why here at, we urge all of our members and visitors to refer to a tipster verification website before purchasing any tips or soccer betting advice. Which brings us to – one of the only premium tipster verification services around. does not offer its soccer tips. Instead, they provide a platform for tipsters to prove their legitimacy. Bypassing a series of verification processes, it means only genuine tipsters with real results and track records are displayed on

We like to compare to Skyscanner, which only works with verified booking agencies when it comes to flights and holidays. You wouldn’t take a risk on booking flights on a website you don’t fully trust, so why take the same risk when paying for soccer tips? takes out all of that potential risk and weeds out the scammers. So, you can focus on the best tipsters to suit your needs, rather than wasting time researching which ones are genuine.

To access the latest tips displayed on, head to the Running Tips section of the website, where you will find tips for the most recent upcoming soccer games. If there is a fixture you would like to learn more about, click on the Subscribe button. This will take you to the tipster’s profile, which features all of their statistics and the option to purchase tips.

Unlike many other tipster verification services, you can purchase tips directly on instead of being redirected to an external site. That is why they are rightly considered a one-stop solution for soccer betting.

Beyond their industry-leading verification proves, has a Live Scores section offering fixtures, results and live updates from every professional soccer match in the world. Match odds are also available, and if there are games you want to monitor, there is an option to select and save as many fixtures as you like.’s blog section is another additional feature that we recommend you visit. Numerous articles are explaining various betting strategies, so you can gain a better understanding of the markets before you pay a tipster for any advice.

There might be an increasing amount of fraudulent soccer betting websites. But with services like, we are able to educate the public about them. Verifying tips and tipsters can be a time-consuming task, and even then there are no guarantees. Make a regular feature of your soccer betting career.

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