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How-To: Learn How To Analyse A Football Match

How do you analyse a football match?

Being able to analyse a football match accurately is a skill that every punter needs to possess to make profits. While this skill is inherent to a few, the rest of us, unfortunately, aren’t that lucky. But that doesn’t mean that your analysis skills can’t be improved. You need a little bit of practice mixed in with a little bit of patience, and you’ll be a professional in no time. All you need to do is follow the steps provided in this article, and you’ll be good to go.

How To Analyse A Football Match?

If you want to be able to win your next bet, you should know how to analyse the upcoming match you wish to wager on. A proper analysis will give you clarity on what or whom to bet on, thereby increasing your chances of winning. Even the smallest of factors can impact the outcome of a match. Here are some of the variables you would need to take into consideration before making your next bet.

1. Location

Where the game is taking place is very important, especially if the two teams possess the same level of skill. You need to find out each team’s past performance at the stadium the face-off is taking place in. On average, which team has won the most matches in the stadium they’re paying in? Is it a home or an away match?   

On average, football teams tend to win more matches at home than they do away. Referees also tend to favor the home team, giving them less yellow and red cards, penalties and fouls as well.

2. Line Ups

The actual players are naturally integral to the outcome of the game. Looking into the line-ups before the match can pretty much tell you in which direction the match is going to go. How do one team’s defenders stack up against the other’s attacking side? Are any of the players injured? Are key players sitting out the game, or have teammates been swapped with each other?

3. Formation and style of play

Naturally, a team’s formation and playing style will also impact the outcome of the game. Take Liverpool’s previous Premier League season, where they most commonly used the 4-2-3-1 or the 4-3-3 system. This formation, combined with Jurgen Klopp’s signature counter-pressing style made them a force to be reckoned with.

This heavy attack style of play would be very effective against a 4-4-2 formation, for instance. Every system has its strengths and weaknesses. Some hold up better than others, so make sure that you look into this before you bet.

5. Fixtures

Fixtures, both past, and future, is an essential factor to consider. Previous matches will tell you a lot about a team’s current form, and you can anticipate how well they’ll do in the future. Future fixtures would be a good indicator as well. If a team has a particularly important match coming up shortly, and the match you want to bet on is just a friendly, or only not as important, you may find that the players don’t put give their full 100% when they’re out there on the field. This is because they’re saving their energy for their next match.

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