Betting Tipsters

Do You Trust Betting Tips From Tipsters?

How to find trustworthy betting tips websites?

If you try searching, you will find that there are hundreds of websites, betting tipsters, etc., providing betting tips on the internet.

Some of them work at an amateur level and provide tips for free while there are also companies which charge a fee for tips and promise guaranteed winnings.

However, a very obvious question must have gone through your mind – “Can I trust these tipsters with my money?”.

At first glance, there is a lot to doubt about such betting tipsters. Most of them earn their money by affiliating with betting companies.

You might think, “how does it make sense for betting companies to tie up with such tipsters if they are hurting their business.”

Well, this and many other questions prompted us to write this quick guide so you can identify genuine tipsters.

Follow Leaderboards on tipping websites

Nowadays, a lot of betting tipping websites allow amateur tipsters to make tips on their respective platforms. Websites such as MonitoredTips, VerifiedBets maintain leaderboards of all tipsters on their respective platforms.

This way, you can check out the success rate of all tipsters registered and follow them accordingly. These tipsters are mostly regular football bettors like you, and hence, it should be easier for you to trust their tips.

Longevity and consistency of tipsters

Another key factor to check about any tipping service is the longevity. If the betting tips website has been in existence for some time and it has a track record among fellow bettors, then it gets easier for a novice bettor to trust its services.

Every tipster claims to be successful with their betting tips. But you should make sure that your tipster has picked up the winnings consistently over a period of time, and that they are not random.

Furthermore, don’t follow a tipster who is a newbie and doesn’t have a detailed historical record of his bets.

Check out the online community around the tipping website

Most popular tipping services have online communities on forums, social media channels, soccer tips blog and etc.

A look at such forums will tell you whether there is an active community of users and will also provide you with genuine feedback from real users. You can also read this article to learn how to find sports betting experts online.

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